5 Ways to Fall in Love with a Havanese Puppy

How do you know if a dog is right for you? There are plenty of fun online tools to help you choose the right breed. A dog breed selection tool is available on Animal Planet that allows you to answer multiple-choice questions about everything from adaptability to lifestyle (including “couch potato”). The AKC has a Dog Breed Find a Match feature that uses adorable graphics, including a very clever picture of a vacuum cleaner on a shaggy floor. The AKC site also lets you guess them and see how they would fare with their dream breed, as long as you can log into Facebook.There is also and many more. But what really makes a dog the perfect dog for you doesn’t have to be bubble-shaped to fill it up. You will also find many variations within the usual characteristics of a breed, because dogs are as individual as we are. Havanese are commonly known as sociable, intelligent, playful, intelligent, and active. Also: funny. How can a dog be funny? These charming little ones have a serious sense of humor.The combination of curiosity, intelligence, and a serious social streak also means they love to grab your attention. Check out Animal Planet’s hilarious Havanese 101 video and my personal favorite, Animal Planet’s Too Cute, with our cute Bonita Havanese puppies, with our lovely Lulu and her litter. Screenshot 20160506 at 7:19:43 pm But don’t take my word for it. It is best to talk to the breeder. Better yet, visit the pups for yourself when they are old enough to be exposed to outsiders.

Sit on the floor and have fun! One of these puppies will visit you and bond with you. It can be a sweetheart, a clown or a charmer.A boy or a girl. There is often a special moment when you feel that connection with this pup. I see it all the time and it always makes me smile. I guarantee you: you will be in love. perfect dog for you.Are you thinking of bringing a Bonita Havanese puppy to you in Pinkbow? I have been working with dogs, large and small breeds, for decades. I can say that even from the point of view of a professional in the dog world, there is nothing better than the charming and playful Havanese. When I first started raising these adorable purebred pups, I was committed to quality, not quantity. I raise selected litters from the best Havanese parents and I am delighted with the quality of the puppies. Everyone who knows her falls in love.Nobody who comes to visit wants to go empty-handed! Here are 5 reasons you will fall in love with a Havanese puppy: Perfect Companions From the beginning, Havanese dogs were bred to be happy companions – it’s in their DNA, they have lots of personality and presence in a small package. They live to play and they love to please. And they are incredibly attached to their owners. Most of all they want to be with you. Interesting facts: Queen Victoria of England had two Havanese dogs, Chico and Golia. Smart and easy to train Havanese are very smart.They love to learn from obedience to new tricks and more. These friends do best with positive training and thrive on encouragement. A little language correction is very useful.

Havanese dogs can do everything a large dog can: search, run an obstacle course. and learn charming manners on a leash. Plus, you’ll have a lot of fun working with these little clowns. Fun Fact: Fast, agile and intelligent, the Havanese does very well in terms of agility. Our babies have been born and raised in our hands for decades in our HOME in RI, where they are lovingly and lovingly looked after and receive a lot of socialization and training every day. At our Fort Myers, FL location, our pups are also born, raised and loved in our hands in an amazing, state-of-the-art environment that has been carefully designed so that we can bring our Havanese pups for sale in Florida as well. If you are looking for a playful and fun dog, a Havanese can be a great addition to your family. Originally from Cuba, these puppies are known to be happy and playful when playing and cuddling with their family. We understand that one of the toughest and most important decisions when buying a puppy is finding reputable New York Havanese breeders. A good breeder will sell you a happy, healthy puppy that will live for many years. To live over 13 years you should look for a reputable one. We’re here to help you find a healthy Havanese puppy in New York.

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