Havanese Puppies for sale

Havanese  dog for sale near me  are small, smart, and easy to train for Both an experienced and new dog owner. As a result, professional training is usually not a necessity according to Alexa Diaz, Ph.D., dog trainer and animal behaviorist. Nonetheless, like any dog they could benefit from a few group lessons for basic obedience and socialization purposes. Havanese puppies for sale

  • Size Males and females stand 8 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches tall, and weigh 8 to 9 pounds.


  • Our Havanese dog for sale near me parents are purebred quality dogs, we are reputable breeders, the price will be substantially Affordable because we as Reputable breeders we tend to invest more money than others to take care of our breeding dogs and puppies, We do not Breed our Dogs for profit making that is why our Prices are Affordable.
  • The Havanese shines his affectionate personality on everyone, including strangers, children, other dogs, and even cats. But his family will get the lion’s share of his love; given the choice, he’ll stick like glue to his owner’s side. The potential downside to all this devotion is that, when left alone, the Havanese can become anxious. This is definitely a housedog, and a Havanese who’s left in the backyard — or anywhere away from his family — is not a happy dog. Havanese breeders near me

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